The financial crisis began in 2007 with the loss of confidence by investors in the value of securitized mortgages. Stock markets worldwide crashed and a number of banks, mortgage lenders and insurance companies failed in the following months. In February 2009 U.S. President Barack Obama signs the $787 billion American Recovery Act into law.
Now it´s Your Mission to manage a Bank through the crisis!

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Dive into the world of big money and operate your own Bank. Set the interest rates for loans and deposits, adjust the marketing budgets, expand your business and borrow fresh money from the central bank.

Your Bank operates in the retail sector and provides services for private individuals such as current accounts, saving acounts, credit cards and long term loans & mortgages.

You compete against 4 virtual competitors that have different products and strategies. The US Accounts Bank and the UK Bank are the strongest competitors and try to outgrow each other. Two other competitors, the Global Trust bank and the Euro Bank Group are heavily hit by the financial crisis.

In February 2009 U.S. President Barack Obama signed the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law. The Federal Reserve announced that it will purchase $1.15 trillion in US Assets to prop up liquidity and spur economic growth.

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